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Friday, September 20, 2013

Respect others who are in worse condition as you are

People love to complain and people tend not to appreciate the things they have until it’s gone. These 2 traits of ours are very damaging and yet they exist in more than 50% of the general population. But what most people don’t do, is to try to look at things from another perspective. 

• When we complain about how sucky our jobs are, maybe we should think of how many people actually want our job and failed to get it. 

• When we complain about our babies disturbing our sleep, maybe we should think of how many couples (young and old) who want to have their own kids but could not do so. 

• When we complain about nothing to eat at our office area, maybe we should think of those who have to eat cold and take-away food, or even drive very far away to have lunch. 

• When we complain about our salary not good enough, maybe we should think of people who did not get increment for 3 years. 

• When we complain about getting stuck in traffic jam, maybe we should realize that at least we own a car to be stuck in the first place and unlike many others who can’t afford a car. 

• When we complain about our parents nagging us, maybe we should think of the people who would love to have their parents nagging them but could no longer do so.

Maybe.. just maybe, if we start to think that way, we’ll be able to appreciate things more. Because each time we complain about life in general (work, or anything), we’re actually undermining those who are in a far worse situation than us. And yet, they are working very hard to survive. 

Shouldn’t we do the same? 

If we can’t, then at least, we should learn to respect them – the people who are less fortunate, and yet are trying their very best to survive. And we seriously have tonnes and tonnes of those people in our world today. 

p/s.. if you wish to improve yourself, you can always compare with yourself and your past records. But comparing does not mean you should not appreciate and start to complain. There are very different things.


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