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Monday, December 16, 2013

Don’t ever give up on your passions

Do you still remember what is (or was) your passion when you were a kid? Was it drawing? Creating games? Writing stories? Acting? I think it’s quite a long list if you were to list it out now.. (I know I do have a long list). 

My question to you now - ever since you entered the working world (or should I say…joining the “rat race”), have you ever gone back to the passions that you hold so dearly in the past? 

Sadly, most of us don’t. We’re too busy to do that. Furthermore, passions won’t generate money for us…we need money to survive. That is why we will work and work and work. When we’re free, we’ll escape to other entertainment or short-term pleasure to satisfy ourselves. We’ll start spending on clothes, gadgets, this n that. But soon, those things will not appear attractive to us anymore and we’ll repeat the cycle of buying new things to satisfy our “wants” and “needs”. 

And some of you might say that you have kids to take care of whenever you’re free. Work + kids = no time at all? I know it’s hard, but you still need time for yourselves NO MATTER WHAT. Never ever neglect yourselves or your own soul because that is important. Remember the safety message used by many airlines - “Take care of yourselves before you care for others”. So you need to be in good condition in order to ensure those under your care can be in good condition as well. 

How can you do that? How can you fulfill your soul’s needs and wants? 

Return to your passions. Simple eh? 

Spend time on it. Just a few hours each week and I am pretty sure you’ll feel relaxed and happier.. provided the things you do are indeed your passions. 

I’m not sure whether you believe what I said.. but I believe that each of us has a calling in life, and that is the passion that we’ve been searching for.. the one true purpose of our lives. Like myself, my passion is to create things using creative means. It could be story writing and editing pictures, which I’m doing and enjoying now. I always feel happy when I do those things. Maybe those are the activities which feed energy to my soul.. the much needed energy after a week’s work in the office. 

That’s why I’ve been telling people, never ever give up on your passions, irregardless of how dire your situation is or how busy you are. Go find out what are your passions and do them. You might not earn money from those, but you will earn the much needed energy. 

AND if you can earn some income from there, it’s even better! 


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