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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Most bosses will say they have good employee retainment policy

But how true is that? I can say that most bosses do not have proper self awareness or perhaps, they choose to be oblivious. They are not aware that their companies, in actual fact, do not have the proper employee retainment policy. Some don’t even have ANY form of retainment policy. And some, worse, they have employee ‘let go’ policy. 

One of my friends is a consultant for company A. He has resigned 1 month ago but he is very close with Client B. Last week, he and his boss went to the Client B office to have a meeting and also to announce his resignation. The client suddenly asked the boss whether his company has any proper employee retainment policy. The boss replied by saying that the company has a very good employee retainment policy and the turnover rate is very low. My friend kept quiet. But the client suddenly turned to face my friend and asked “Why do you want to leave then?” 

My friend was stunned and speechless. My friend is also one of top people in that company. 

The fact is, the boss is (or was) in a state of denial. According to my friend, more and more people are leaving and yet, the boss insists that the company’s retainment policy is one of the best in the industry. Maybe he will only realize the actual situation when his entire company becomes empty. 

Fortunately for me, my direct boss is not like that. He knows the situation pretty well, and so is my HR. Boss, are you reading this? hahaha. 

In my opinion, bosses should be aware of the situation his company is in – not just the business & sales side, but also the internal side. Are his employees happy or at least content? Or are most of them preparing to leave? If they are preparing to leave, why do they want to leave? 

The bosses might not be able to fix all problems, but if he really cares, he can at least solve 50-70% of them. That is still better than nothing.  :)


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